Monday, September 12, 2011

Lexie and Ozzie: Getting To Know You

The weekend Ozzie took us for a "test drive" was enlightening to say the least so it gets a post of it's own here on the family blog.

For the nine months we had been with her, we thought we had gotten to know our little mild-mannered Lexie.  The most excitement she'd displayed was the "bark and dance" routine she does before meals and the game of "tag" she plays when it's time to leash up for a walk.  The only other time she plays is the few minutes before breakfast when she gets on the bed with us and wants me to scratch around her ears. Sometimes then she will play a little tug-of-war with the blanket.

All that changed over this wonderfully funny weekend. I think she had what Wayne refers to as "pent-up demand" because she followed Ozzie every step, barked at him and tried every trick to get him to play. I don't think little Ozzie was really up to all this but he did play a little bit and I think he let her win the wrestling match every time.

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