Sunday, June 13, 2010

To Store Or Not To Store: That Is The Question

With virtually everything sold, we're beginning to see now exactly what will be left when we vacate the house. Most important to us: Photographs and family history. Cam doesn't have the space, Chad doesn't seem interested and Cara isn't able to take these items so we're left to decide how to dispose of them. Permanently in anticipation of never taking on a household again or temporarily in case we decide, in the future, to house them again for our personal enjoyment? We lean in one direction one minute, another direction in the next minute. If we store them, the cost to us will be $600 - $850 yearly. If/when something happens to us, these things must be dealt with by the children without further input from us so... do we want to spend money to store them now? If not, what do we do with them?

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