Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ERR 13 is Refrigerator Speak for "Trouble"

At the start of the Montgomery Bell weekend trip and again when we began the Memorial Day trip, the refrigerator gave an error 13 message which translates to "trouble" for Mona. Looking through the Dometic owners manual, it seems the previous owners also had received this message. The freezer cools right away, but the refrigerator takes about 36 hours to begin to cool down. That's long enough for all the meats to go bad. Once it cools down, it seems to be okay, but we can't take a chance with it when we're full timing, so we'll take Mona into Cullum-Maxey today to have it checked out. We'll also ask the techs to check the air bags as the coach seems to sit high on the driver's side. There's also a leak somewhere around the rear of the curb side slide in the bedroom as the carpet was wet when we began the last two trips. It's always something. I'm sure that extended warranty will be put to good use.

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