Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Final Weekend in Franklin

At last the final weekend and the last three workdays for Wayne. The weather is miserable hot with humidity and frequent late afternoon thunderstorms. On Friday morning and again Sunday morning, before the heat became oppressive, we took a load of heat resistant things to the motorhome. We fired up the generator and enjoyed putting things away.

The house remains sparce with buyers waiting for us to relinquish the bedroom, Wayne's recliners and the file cabinet. The previous three days I pulled together enough stuff to have a final inside moving sale. Using the cardboard boxes Kim gave us, I assembled makeshift counters and displayed my wares. On Wednesday afternoon, I sold about $100 worth and then another $100 the following day. I'd promised to hold a few things for a group of college students who came by on Friday afternoon. As soon as they left with their $30 worth of goods, I began disassembling the display, putting the remaining items into boxes for the Salvation Army. Wayne has had some good success with yet another fellow who can wear his clothes. Thomas came back for four shopping sprees, leaving us with less than a half-dozen suits, two sport coats and some sweaters. On Saturday, a young man came by and bought 2 of the last sportcoats. They were a little small on him, but he bought them anyway. That was good.

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