Friday, June 11, 2010

More New Stuff

UPS delivered the replacement nozzle for the Sani-Con late yesterday. This should allow us to screw the system onto the sewer opening instead of having to hold it in place. Sure hope it works.

The bicycle cover, awning extension and coiling water line were received at Columbia Campers yesterday so I drove down this morning to pick them up. Sweet Kim gave me a stack of boxes left over from their recent move. She and Jerry loaded them for me too. We will certainly miss this terrific group of people while we're traveling.

The new Garmin 465T came in today's mail. The features of this model impress me and it will be nice to have our width, height, length and weight acknowleged as we travel.

As usual, I'm excited to try everything so I'm really looking forward to getting Mona back. Haven't heard anything yet though...

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