Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Windshield Shade Idea!

Since our first trip in Mona, I've been looking for a windshield shade to reduce the intense sun that blasts into the front of the coach. At some point in every campsite, the heat is unbearable. I'm looking for a shade that will allow privacy while letting us see out. We can order one through Cullum-Maxey, but it would run into the $1,000 range and would require drilling holes into the coach. I've looked at custom shades from Levilor but they're going to be over $300 and would also require special installation. I looked for rolls of shade screening, but can't find anything over 4' in height -- Mona's windshield is 5' at least.

The answer to the problem came during our day trip to visit one of the campgrounds in the National Forest. We stopped and asked a fellow about the shade on his Newmar Kountry Star. He and his wife are Joe and Marcia Jones. After some discussion and taking a few photos of their shade, Joe went to his storage compartment and returned with a roll of shade material. We bought 15' of it from him for $15 and I will attempt to make a custom shade like his.

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