Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Trip to Montgomery Bell State Park

Excited to have Mona back, we just "have" to take a weekender! Wayne left work early Friday and we headed out to Montgomery Bell State Park near Burns, Tennessee. We were there 1-1/2 years ago in the fall and enjoyed. The flooding last weekend damaged the campground but the state workers have managed to make major repairs and we look forward to it. The temperature Friday was in the high 80's and humid, making it feel like summer. Rain is predicted for tonight, but is expected to be finished by Saturday morning.

Loading the groceries, the Norcold gave me a CALL ER 13 message. As I looked it up in the Norcold paperwork, I see that the previous owners have a checkmark by that particular error message so there is probably a history of this problem. I talked with Tom Cartwright at C-M two times. First he thought our battery might be low, then he suggested a possible remedy, but we can't get it going. We loaded all our refrigerator goods into ice chests and left the refrigerator on anyway. Rather it break completely if it's sick.

We arrived at Montgomery Bell campground around 4:30 and selected site #103 across from the stream. These sites had all been washed out by the storms last weekend and debris is strewn far and wide. New gravel and site barriers have been installed though and it looks good. The campground hosts, Mr. and Mrs Cooper were helpful and longwinded.

Surprisingly, the campground is only about 1/2 full. Maybe the damage of the storms, along with Mother's Day Sunday, is keeping campers away this weekend. We unhitched Blackie from Mona before making our way down into the campground and we narrowly missed having a close encounter with a tree, but we recovered.

The night was warm, we ate our Publix deli sandwiches inside and put away some more things we'd brought aboard. Both air conditioners ran quite a bit and the 10 o'clock weather indicated 85 degrees in Nashville. Pretty hot for so late at night.

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