Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Trip to Daniel Boone National Forest and Cumberland Falls

Because we chose not to wrestle with cold foods on departure Wednesday, our food supply is quite limited. Oatmeal and one English Muffin each for breakfast and we must go for groceries. Wayne unloaded the brand new Schwinn bicycles I got for us at WalMart yesterday afternoon and we took rode around the campground a little before leaving. The bikes will need a little adjusting, but overall, they seem to be okay. Matching blue "Links" without frills.. fenders or baskets.

On the road going out of Fishing Creek, we saw a very large snake coiled in the middle of the road and stopped to get a close look. Wayne thinks he is a "good" snake. It think he would only be good if he were dead, but Wayne will not kill him. Horrors.

I'm in the mood for fried catfish and we drove south on Highway 27 trying to find a lunch place along the river. We finally came upon VIP Cafe where I ate a bowl of pinto beans, onions and a corncake and Wayne picked in a chicken sandwich. He ate a helping of homemade banana pudding too. It was good.

We took a scenic highway and stopped in to check out Burnside State Park Campground. The sites would not hold us. We drove on into Daniel Boone National Forest and Cumberland Falls which I found to be very pleasant. It is known as "The Niagara of the South"... I took pictures and a few movies. We don't know any of the people (except Wayne) who managed to get in front of the lens.

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