Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally! Bringing Mona Home

Last weekend's flooding subsided and on Thursday, we were able to get through Briley Parkway to get the motorhome. Because of the floods at Gibson Guitars (near Mill Creek), Cam is out of work this week so he came over for a mid-day visit and went with us to Cullum-Maxey. We enjoyed a good lunch at the Chinese buffet before leaving Franklin.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the nearly $2,000 repair bill was assumed fully by Cullum-Maxey. Our part was $0. We saw Bud Maxey and thanked him for taking responsibility (which he should have done anyway, but we were being gracious).

We spent the $50 gift certificate to buy two water filters and we picked up a bottle of the pink washing liquid that was recommended by Anthony. Speaking of Anthony, he did not was the bugs off the windshield as we thought he'd done so we retrieved the $20 we had left with Tonya for him.

It was nice riding home in Mona, pulling Blackie behind us. I pulled a dining chair to the front, between Wayne and Cam and we had a good ride. The weather is already hot -- in the mid 80's.

After supper, Wayne continued his project of going through the boxes of papers stored in the garage. I'm proud of him. He's filling the trash can quickly...

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