Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mona's Ready; But Then The Flood Came...

Late Friday afternoon, Tonya Chambliss called to say Mona's ready to be picked up. Our plan to pick her up Saturday was foiled when the torrential rains began. With an early start, we decided to stop in at Bass Pro Shop to look around and by the time we were ready to leave, we'd changed our minds about trying to drive in the pouring rain. At that time, there was no flooding, but the highways were beginning to "pool" with the enormous amounts of water coming down. We came on home and planned to get Mona on Monday. That idea washed away pretty quickly as the "Great Nashville Flood" would quickly flood roads throughout the area, leaving motorists stranded and killing more than 15 people. Today is Tuesday and Briley Parkway is still under water. I've called Cullum Maxey and they tell me there's no flooding on their property, but Opryland Hotel is still under several feet of water.

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