Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lucky Seven!

From Bella Terra Motorcoach Resort, Foley, Alabama     July 4th marked the end of our seventh year as full-time RV'ers. Year seven RV travel totaled 4,977 miles over ten states: Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida with a passenger vehicle trip through Idaho into the eastern edge of Washington State. Total miles driven this year is 5,187. Total RV miles since retirement total 59,435.

Major personal, non RV events of the seventh year included the many aspects of Lexie's illness, attending my 45th high school reunion, a record five month stay in Port Charlotte, learning to play pickleball and to line dance.  Of course, the purchase of our RV lot and the resulting commencement of construction is the greatest highlight though.

It goes without saying that our RV lifestyle is changing. While we still love living in the coach, the pace is slowing, destinations are more definitive and campground selection is narrowing. With the completion of our RV lot, we expect to park ourselves for several months in spring and fall with travel to warmer places in the coldest winter months and cooler trips in summer.

So with this, we welcome the next 12 months by declaring, "Eight Isn't Enough"...

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