Friday, July 14, 2017

A "New To Us" Golf Cart

From Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, Foley Alabama    

We bought a golf cart last week. It's used. Craft Farms golf course was rotating their fleet. We are not members, but a local friend is and he arranged to have this one offered to us ahead of some other members for just $1,750.

The cart seems to be in good operating condition -- a 2 person, 2008 Club Car with all new 48 volt batteries, charger and tires. It's not equipped for city driving but we plan to only use it within the confines of the resort.

Our friend, Frank, and one of the golf pros at Craft Farms even delivered the cart to us here at Bella Terra! That's service, friends.

We removed the golf club cover wedge from the back and I ordered a rain enclosure, rainproof cart cover, rear view mirror and extra keys (came with just one). We gave her a good washing, waxing and wiped the black plastic with one of those rejuvinating products to bring the color back. We're feeling pretty smug now, wheeling around with the pups between us -- and it sure beats pedaling a bicycle.

A second seat can be installed for about $300 and we are giving that some thought, but for now, we'll settle for a simple, inexpensive ride for just us and the dogs. In time, Wayne might decide he wants a newer one. We will see.

Lexie and Ozzie enjoy the evening ride.
Another late thunderstorm is heading our way!
That's a laundry/shower house in the background with more available Phase III lots all around.

So now we take "after dinner" golf cart rides to check the lot's building progress and tour the neighborhood.


  1. Perfect starter cart. But you need one of those fancy ones that look like a 57 Chevy or one that has a liquor cabinet in the back. Amazing what they can do with a golf cart. The pups look so cute.