Friday, July 28, 2017

Bella Terra: Framing The Casita

From Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, Foley Alabama          Framing of the casita began on Friday, July 7th, four days after the concrete pour. We signed the casita building contract with David two days earlier, July 5th. The contract was drawn and approved way back on June 16 -- before my angry outburst described in gruesome detail on an earlier post. I guess everyone was afraid of me -- with good reason. Nevertheless, we are all legally bound to proceed with this endeavor now.

After a great deal of urging from me, David reduced the fourteen week construction period to twelve... though I know that deadline really is not likely to be met.

The final "all horizontal" view of our lot as first material delivery happened Thursday, July 6th.
There's no power to the pedestal yet so the framing crew uses a generator. Bet the neighbor loves that.
The framing contractor, Steve, seems a likable and dependable fellow. 

Then on Friday, July 7, we built a wall!
The framing crew is much too small for my liking -- a mere 3 guys the first few days. 

Saturday, July 8th -- three walls!

July 10th -- the garage framing is added (right side). There's David in blue shirt and ever present flip flops.
 I worry ... don't want him to be injured. (Might cause construction delays.)

July 11th - Wayne's standing in the golf cart garage.
We will have space for shelves and washer and dryer too. 

July 11th - Hard to see but the boards in the middle are porch support posts.
Three or four are needed to support the 12' forward section and 8' sides of the porch. 

From the rear. 

Lexie and Ozzie enjoy exploring their new place.
Can you see them there on the right... 

The area in front of where Ozzie is standing will be laid in circular patterned pavers -- it's the fire pit area.
Lexie is standing on the raised pad where the screened gazebo will be built.
The concrete will be stained once construction is complete. 

The power pedestal wiring was inspected on Wednesday, July 12th and we established the first utilities account we've had in seven years. (Insert icky face here)

Porch framing started - July 12th

On Saturday, July 15th, the roof was started. Gee, it looks big now.
Our typical pattern for watching the construction process is to take a ride over in the golf cart after dinner every evening, after the workers are gone. As I do love seeing construction, this is sometimes difficult for me...

The front porch roof decking was started on  Wednesday, July 19th. Steve found a few more framers, though some of these had to be fired. Seems he is able to keep a few going all the time though. I like Steve so far. 
We were "weather lucky" through the first two weeks of framing. Fast moving showers come almost daily but we didn't have any complete wash-out days until Monday, July 24 when a long train of thunderstorms lasted from before dawn until lunchtime. In early afternoon, some clearing came and progress continued.

July 20th. Standing in the doorway, the full bathroom is on the left.
Kitchenette is on the right with a pocket door into the golf cart garage where we'll have laundry space too. 

July 20th. The golf cart garage and laundry. There will be a double door here. 

By July 24th, the roof decking was coming along nicely and it's easier to see the porch area.
Still a couple of posts to be installed. 

July 27th from the vacant lot beside ours. 

July 27th. Our neighbors are gone now and this angle gives a good look at the comparative size of our casita alongside theirs. The porch and garage make the pitch of the roof higher. Our screened gazebo will be placed similarly to the neighbors and the paint colors will be the same. Our concrete stain will be darker than theirs. 

July 27th from another angle. 
July 27th David, the contractor. No, he hasn't been to the beach.
He continues to impress me with his positive attitude, attentiveness and courtesy.  
Steve on the roof and one of his carpenter helpers, below. It bothers me that they work in the oppressive heat.
They are finishing the roof decking and making way for the roof to be installed in the next few days. 

Steve's girlfriend comes along some days. It's cool on the porch and they have a radio blaring. 

David continues to feel the project is moving along at a good pace and despite the daily showers, we aren't being washed out.  This concludes the casita framing post. Next, we'll watch the metal roof, doors and windows go in.

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