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Spring Lake RV Resort: Changing of The Guard

It was summer 2008 when we first stopped in at Spring Lake RV Resort in Crossville, Tennessee. We were towing Evie, our Everest fifth wheel, on our way to the mountains of North Carolina for vacation after my mother's death. That was just a pre-retirement overnight stop but we made a note that Spring Lake was a pleasant place and we'd stop in again. And indeed we do, every time we travel along I-40 between Nashville and Knoxville. Crossville is on the Cumberland Plateau where the temperature (at 2,000 feet elevation) is often 5-10 degrees cooler than the plains below. It's especially nice for early fall and late spring visits.

Our shady, grassy and large campsite at Spring Lake RV Resort
We've been here 10 weeks now. When we arrived on May 5th, we paid for a week and expected to play a little golf around the courses of Fairfield Glade before moving along to Lake Toxaway, North Carolina to while away the summer. But we kept extending our departure date from Spring Lake. We changed sites a few times but most of our days are spent on this large grassy site surrounded by willow trees.

Our campsite from the other side. Shade nearly all day.
Linda and Dale stopped in for a few weeks on their way to Ohio as did Marcella and Landon. It's always a bonus to see friends along the way. A plan to rendezvous with Pam and Ernie in North Carolina was in the works too but their home sold with a short closing date so we just stayed on here, growing closer and closer to the owners, Pat and Leroy and enjoying a much cooler than typical late spring and summer.

Our site is in the campground's older section. In the rear, 40 newer sites are situated around a spring fed lake.
Spring Lake has concrete patios for every site. Swings, bistro tables and a barbecue pit are on the lakeside sites.
And so the weeks turned into months as Wayne and I enjoyed a cooler-than-usual late spring and early summer here. We've had lots of rainy days with mild temperatures. Just during this past week, though, temperatures have started to soar to the high 80's and the humidity is becoming oppressive. Summer does eventually arrive -- even on the Plateau.

Our site on the left.  A nice couple from Knoxville, Delores and Howard are in the C-class to our right (barely visible).
Peggy and her husband are in the fifth wheel to our left. The campground office is in the tan building. 
During the time we've been here, I've probably hit a thousand practice golf balls in the lot behind the coach. While it's not part of the campground property, Leroy keeps it mowed and it's perfect for practicing with my irons. I take a bit of ribbing about my inability to hit balls out to the road, just some 130 yards away but I'm sure progress is being made.

The field where I practice golf striking. It's a bit larger than of a football field and is directly behind our campsite.
As a matter of fact, I was standing behind our coach to take this picture. I hit from right to left.
We had known for some time that Spring Lake RV Resort was on the real estate market. Pat and Leroy have been full-time, 7-days a week, hands-on managers for eight years. I knew they needed a break. One morning as I sat chatting with Pat, she confided that the property was under contract with just a few weeks 'til closing. I was thrilled for them but sad to think they won't be here next time we stop by.

Pat and Daisy at the front desk of Spring Lake RV Resort.
Pat and Leroy plan their first getaway in their favorite rig... their truck camper.
Here Leroy checks the operation of the camper's generator.  Good friend, David, looks on. 
Spring Lake RV Resort isn't the first campground rodeo for Pat and Leroy and this won't be their first time into retirement either. Long ago they worked together in long haul trucking and they've owned and sold at least one other campground. They are loved by their guests and will be missed.

Leroy scoots all over Spring Lake RV Resort in the trusty cart with an ever present happy grin. 
It's been such a long time since they've had a break, Pat and Leroy are excited (albeit exhausted) about this move. Their furniture and their big coach are in storage until they eventually relocate to the Greenville, SC area. In the short term, they look forward to visits with family and a trip to Maine that will last until the end of summer. They sure deserve the break.

But as for now, Pat and Leroy's final week of campground ownership has arrived. On Sunday afternoon we joined several long-term neighbors in hosting a farewell dinner for them in the campground clubhouse.

Left to right: Leroy, Pat, neighbor Helga and Wayne enjoy the farewell dinner.
L to R: Matt's daughter, Michaela, Pat and David's wife, Dorothy.
The happy retirees, Leroy and Pat
Tomorrow Leroy will resume his long, hot normal 8 hour Monday of mowing of the entire campground property -- but it will be the final time. The new owners are expected to arrive from Colorado tomorrow with extended family and their household arriving over the next 48 hours.

The send-off dinner consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings, followed by homemade blond brownies, sock-it-to-me cake and two flavors of ice cream. 
While we will miss the familiar smiling faces of Pat and Leroy and their sweet Daisy, we look forward to whatever changes the new owners, Marg and Jeff, will make too. I am sure their personal touches will continue to improve this already lovely campground.

New owners, Jeff and Margie. 
Anyone who finds their way to this area would do well to stop in here at the nicest campground on the Plateau. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Good luck to all involved.

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