Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Change Is Good

Over the past few weeks (months actually), I've been trying to catch up on this travel journal. Things got way past due last autumn and I couldn't get myself motivated (or inspired) enough to write.  I must say for a time I even considered dropping the whole project. After all, this exercise is merely in hopes that someday, when Wayne and I are no longer able to travel, living in the old folks home, someone will be kind enough to help us look back over these happy years.

But I didn't give up and I did manage to put together the posts that were tardy and I am quite proud of myself for doing it. I worked diligently on the travel map too (the "Where We've Been" tab) and I'm not finished with it yet; though it is much more complete.  We've begun our sixth year of full-time RV'ing and we still enjoy traveling, even though we have slowed the pace substantially, staying not just weeks, but sometimes months in one location. All that will be changing soon, though, as we expect to return to "tourist mode" in late fall and kick off a year long adventure that will take us from Texas to Alaska and back to the lower 48 again. It's an exciting prospect.

So today I made some adjustments to the look of the journal. Mostly a change in color and I cleaned it up a bit, eliminating some things too. Nothing anybody would really notice except the color.  It's been the same for more than five years and I felt a little daring.

Welcome to the new show.


  1. I can definitely relate to the giving up on blogging. Especially since we sit for long periods of time in one place now. A once or twice a month posting works. Hopefully we, too, can do some traveling this fall - but not as extensively as you guys. Looking forward to your new journeys.

    1. I think my mental block came when my brother got so sick and I didn't want to inlcude in in the memories we were saving. But we have to take the bad with the good and I'm much better now.