Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 RV Supershow - Tampa

Wayne and I love RV Shows.... what RV'er doesn't?  Yes, we've had "new coach" fever and yes, that fever's result was the purchase of our beloved Endie. We've enjoyed the new coach for almost two years now.

We've been looking forward to the huge Tampa Show and several couples from the campground have expressed an interest in going. We'll abandon our spot here at Seminole for a few nights and boondock at the fairgrounds. Ken and Nancy, Fran and Mary and Dale and Linda will caravan with us.  We left on Wednesday morning, the first day of the show.
Linda and Dale's new truck and their old fifth-wheel. 
Adding to this year's excitement, Dale and Linda are in the market for a new coach. Their 2008 Titanium served them well, but as full-timers since last August, they've come to discover a few "creature comfort" amenities they'd like to have. A few months ago, they replaced their half-ton pickup with a big new diesel that they love.  We'll see what they find at the RV Show but we've all sworn off encouraging them one way or another.

Too bad this picture wasn't clearer. The potted plan was a man covered in leaves.
Nancy and I screamed as the seemingly artificial plant spoke to us.  Love it, love it, love it. 
Beautiful, sunny but cool days prevailed all the days we attended the RV Show.  Not a drop of rain. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Nancy, who suffers terrible back pain, discovered a remarkable shoe insert vendor the first day and by day 3 most of us were enjoying less back and leg fatigue.

Wayne standing on the work step of the Little Giant Ladder. 
For the past two years, Wayne has contemplated buying the Little Giant Extreme ladder.  Last year, he came close but choked at the point of sale. As a ladder serves such an important role in an RV'ers life, I urged him to buy it this year.  It took two or three visits to the display. Finally, the vendor personnel asked him to participate in the demonstration.  In the end, the sale was made and the ladder will be shipped to us directly at the campground.  Whew! 

Checking out that half bath to see if the door can be opened/closed with someone inside.

I always tell people that three days minimum are required to really appreciate all there is to see at the RV Supershow in Tampa: A day for walking the midway to see all the RV's, a day to see all the accessories vendors and a day to attend seminars.  We don't attend the seminars, but use the additional day(s) for making the purchase or double-checking the stuff just can't forget.  This year, we returned to the Tiffin and the Winnebago displays and I thought surely Ken and Nancy were going to trade their coach but they didn't. 

Nancy with her Shelties, Maggie (left) and Max (right) 
Having one's rig on the fairground property during the show allows for getting a pass out of the show to rest, eat lunch and use your own bathroom.  While we always take Lexie and Ozzie along in their stroller, one afternoon, Nancy took Max and Maggie along too. A little timid and afraid of the crowds at first, they quickly settled into rhythm and became furry magnets for all the dog lovers.

Another enjoyable part of visiting the RV Supershow is reconnecting with friends.  Late Wednesday afternoon, we were joined by Brad and Barb who we met at the campground last year. At the end of the season, they bought a lot at Polk City, Florida for a permanent winter site. We miss them and it was good to have a visit, even if it was just for a little while.

Left to right: Wayne, Dale, Linda, Ken, Nancy, Me, Brad, Fran and Mary. Barbara took the picture.
The photo bomber at the bottom of the picture is Ozzie!
On Friday, Joyce and Charlie made a car trip up for the afternoon. We managed to find some eats..... 

Funnel cake for everyone!
That's (L to R) Wayne, Ken, Joyce and Charlie. I'm the photographer.... waiting for my funnel cake!

But wait!  What about Dale and Linda? Did they buy a new coach?  You bet and here it is.....

Congratulations Dale and Linda.  Happy travels! 

As happy as a couple of clams, Dale and Linda took possession of their new coach and have settled in quite quickly here at the campground.  Now on to more fun..... 

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  1. Love the tree guy. Beautiful new rig they bought. I've heard good things about the show in Tampa. Several of our friends were there this year.