Sunday, May 26, 2013

We've Got Twins!

Wayne's son Cam and his wife, Amy, have twins! They were born last week at Baptist Hospital in Nashville.  At the time of delivery, we were making our way along I-65 south from Cave City, Kentucky -- nursing our head colds and wondering how we'd manage to see the newborns without infecting them (or the new parents) with our misery.

Before we reached Nashville, this delivery room photo was posted on Facebook.

Cam posted on Facebook, "They were really in there!" 
And so with great social media fanfare, our grandchildren entered this world. There were dozens of Facebook "Comments" and "Likes"...  I couldn't believe how beautiful Amy is in a picture taken just moments after delivery.  And yes, there is a huge smile behind Cam's mask.

By noon, we had arrived in middle Tennessee, checked in at the campground and set up.

Being infectious in our state of semi-sickness, our role was diminished from being at the hospital --  to staying away from it. Our family task is to "dog sit" Cam and Amy's pup, Sophia.  It would be the first time we had met the little rescue poodle they got just one week before learning they were going to have babies. 

We collected little Sophia, who pees uncontrollably every time she gets excited. We cleaned the liquid off the floor before we left...

While at the house, we just had to take a peek into the nursery -- home to the grand babies in a few days.  With pre-baby company from out-of-town, a mattress had to be placed in the center of the babies' room causing a congested look for my picture... but it is still sweet and inviting.

Unable to resist seeing Cam, Amy and the newborns, we drove, with three dogs in tow, into Nashville for a quick visit. We kept our distance and covered our mouths. 

The babies, Barbara and Jude, are healthy and fine. The family hopes to leave the hospital within three days.  Our colds should be gone by then and get a chance to hold these little bundles, which we didn't do today.

And sure enough, on the afternoon of the third day, Cam loaded his family into the car to go home.
Leaving the hospital

We waited yet another two days to be sure we didn't spread our cold germs... then we just had to hold these babies!

Jude weighed 4 pounds, 15 ounces at birth

Barbara weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounce at birth.
Amy is an immediate natural at mothering. 
They are so tiny!
We visited for about two hours -- long enough for one cycle each of sleep, eat and diaper change.

The top photo was taken after sleep and diaper change -- just before feeding.  Cam might look awkward in this photo, but in reality, he was real comfortable holding, feeding and then burping Jude.

Wayne with his new best friend, Sophia and his new grandson, Jude.

Cam holds Barbara and I have Jude. Yes, I am very nervous.
Never having babies I'm not comfortable holding them.
The picture below doesn't do justice to the great family feeling in Cam and Amy's home.  Everybody is doing well.
Cam (holding Jude) and Amy (holding Barbara).
The pictures in this post were taken Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday morning, at a regular follow-up  with the pediatrician, little Barbara and Jude were readmitted to the hospital.  It seems they are not gaining weight as rapidly as they should.  They are all at the hospital as I complete this post.  I'll update it as developments occur. 

Please pray for them.

Update:  The grandbabies stayed at the hospital until Thursday afternoon when their weight and temperatures finally met their pediatrician's goal.  Maybe this will set them off on to good weight gain.  Cam and Amy are exhausted.  We'll get in a short visit late in the afternoon when we return Sophie and have supper with them.


  1. Sure hope those beautiful grandbabies are ready to go home and stay there shortly.

  2. You certainly are in our thoughts and prayers!! Those two precious bundles of joy will be alright - I just feel it in my heart!! Everyone looks so happy and grandpa is just beaming!! Grandma, no problem - you will be holding those little ones like a pro before long! The pictures are great! Glad you two are feeling so much better - hard to wait to see the grandbabies, but you were wise to do so. God bless you all and take care! "Phaeton"