Saturday, July 14, 2012

Walkin' On The Road

I'm overweight, out of shape and approaching 60.  Occasionally, I suffer a few joint pains but nothing serious. Thankfully, my overall health is good and I'm not on any medication.  However, with a family history of diabetes and heart disease, I can't take good health for granted.

So... early in the morning on July 3rd, I laced up my walking shoes, grabbed my hat, sunglasses and a walking stick and rolled out of the coach. The walking stick is used for protection and as an exercise tool for my upper body, hoisting it over my head and from side to side, giving my arms a much needed workout too. I began at a fast clip and within three days, my shins were in terrible pain. I reduced the pace and kept up the time, 30 minutes. The ankle and shin bone pain went away within two days.

There's no reason I haven't been walking the whole time we've been traveling. We're nearly always in pleasant weather -- never in extreme temperatures either way.  Walking while RV traveling provides ever changing scenery too so walk monotony rarely occurs.  There's always something new to see and if I'm ever in the mood for company, there's almost always someone willing to walk along with me. 

So, I'm plugging away every morning and enjoying it.  I expect to be joined by Wayne any day. 

He's getting himself "psyched" for it. Isn't that just like him?

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