Sunday, July 8, 2012

Duopolies: Celebrating The Second Year

Two Years Down!  Many More to Go!

Lunch on July 4 for Wayne and me was barbecue pork ribs, baked beans, sweet corn on the cob, cole slaw and baked sweet potatoes -- all home cooked here at our coach.  Today we celebrated two events:  Independence Day and the completion of our second year as full-time, full-throttle, life-lovin'  RVers.

Taken our first day on the road.
We were non-dog owners but younger and lighter on our feet.

The two furkids, Ozzie and Lexie
Both puppymill rescues.

We're into duopolies: concentration of power in twos.

Yup, we've got two full years under our retirement travel belt now. That's two old folks traveling two years with two socially dysfunctional dogs. During these two years, we owned two motorhomes and two different cars. 

Retirement RV travel has taken us twice into Canada, twice to the Northwest Coast and to the Deep South two times too.

We're still loving our RV travel life and looking forward to many more adventures and anniversaries.

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