Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Visit to Yuma

Almost a full month has passed since we checked into Arizona Sands RV Park in Yuma. It's an "old folks" community (55+ age restriction) so we love it, of course. The weather has been near perfect, warm 70 degree days and nights in the 50's. The campground stays pretty much full all the time now. License plates from all over the mid-west and western Canada can be seen here in the park and all over Yuma.

A view of farmland, palms and the beautiful mountain range near our campground.
We're told Yuma's population triples during the winter season. We full-timers are referred to as "winter visitors" here -- as opposed to being called "snowbirds" in Florida, "winter Texans" in Texas or other nicknames we've heard.

The Marine Corp Air Station is in Yuma; just down the road from our campground.  We get to see lots of military aircraft, including the fabulous Harrier Jets. 

Around the first of February, we made the decision to stay at Arizona Sands to wait out the worst of the winter.  The campground has shortcomings: no laundry facility or pool and the roads are gravel so the dust can be troublesome.
Our site on Sagebrush Drive.
Note the gravel campsite and gravel roadway. 
Yuma is an RV'ers paradise with more than 70 campgrounds (we're told) and vendors to cater to any and all camping needs.  While here we're taking advantage of the competetive pricing, having the vehicles washed and waxed and the roof re-sealed. We're also having the ice maker repaired -- it has been broken for a few months now.  We're also working toward getting the new flat panel tv picture improved. Wayne is contemplating getting new tires too even though ours look fine. We're told that even though the coach has been kept indoors with very few miles, the life of tires is 5-6 years and a blowout, particularly on the front can be deadly.

RV parks, suppliers, dealers and services are everywhere.

Lexie is settling nicely into her new home but still will not allow us to touch her or pick her up directly from the floor. Fortunately,we can easily pick her up from her bed -- and she understands the command to get into the bed.  She is warming up nicely to both of us and knows this is her home. At mealtime, she now jumps, runs and barks. We think that is a good thing. She likes laying on my chest or lap when I recline or lay flat on the sofa.  She seems to enjoy traveling both in the motorhome and in the car and we take her everywhere, leaving her in the car when we can't take her inside (i.e., grocery store).  If the weather gets much warmer we won't be able to do that as it will get too hot inside the car.  We've also introduced dental dog bones (rawhide) to Lexie and she spends an hour tearing them into shreds.
A very dirty Lexie. 

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