Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grooming Lexie

Nearing the fourth month with Lexie, her beautiful white hair has grown to the point of causing concern about grooming.  Daily brushings and frequent eye washing are making her coat look nice but the desert dust sure takes it's toll.  The vet recommended no more frequent baths than every two weeks. 

Almost everyone in the campground has at least one dog -- most have more.  We've gotten several groomer recommendations but there is always conflicting information.  One person's favorite groomer is the "groomer from hell" for the next person. 

After much deliberation, I've decided to learn to groom Lexie myself.  After all, I can and do cut my own hair and Wayne's.  Not that we're any better looking for it -- but it gets done regularly and always looks about the same. 

I did some online research and ordered a video covering all aspects of Maltese specific groom -- everything from bathing to bow making.  I expect the total cost for the video, equipment and supplies will run nearly $300 but that should be recouped easily within a few months given grooming prices.

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