Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yuma Earthquake

Friday, February 18 was another sunny, dry, desert day in Yuma.  While Lexie and I had just finished our mid-morning brushing on the patio and had laid back in the recliner; Wayne was inside finishing his morning stock market analysis. Suddenly, quietly and without warning, the ground began undulating; not violently, but rather like a roller coaster.  I felt nauseous. Wayne came to the door and in unison we both said "earthquake". 

Some of the neighbors here in the campground felt the movement -- others did not.  We learned that earthquakes are rather common here; several occurred last year. One shook several campers enough to cause wall clocks to fall and cabinet doors to open.

It didn't even make the news. Ho hum. Makes me real eager to go on into California. 

Today, Saturday, February 19 brought the first downpour of rain since December 7 while we were driving into Victoria, Texas.  Rain is expected to last all day today and tonight.  The daytime temperatures are expected to drop from the 70's into the 60's.

Since that earthquake, we've felt others.  I think they are really common.

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