Friday, April 9, 2010

First Night in Mona: Birmingham South

Site #30 at Birmingham South campground was a terrible one. Overgrown clover and gravel without a tree anywhere nearby. The $45 price is too much and there are amenities that are of no interest to us... i.e., swimming, planned activities, WI-FI, cable tv, etc.

We are happy to have our first night aboard Mona and we got all the remaining personal things put away before dinner. We still don't have full food provisions, but we have enough to get us started. Wayne put the bedroom things away and I worked in the front of the coach. We had a frozen dinner and it was pretty good.

The night is cool and clear after a very pleasant day of driving. Wayne cleaned the windshield and I cleaned up the small bit of dinner dishes afterwhich we took a walk around the campground and along the street where we had camped in Evie on the way home from last spring's vacation week.

We reminiced about the severe storm's effect on the group of young people in their tents last year. On our walk we saw a big black Newell MH that was probably the largest, most elaborate coach we've seen.

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