Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On The Search for Bikes

The type of bicycle acceptable has to be comfort first. Desires include in order of importance: no more than 5 speeds, fenders, fat seats. Of course the seat thing is easily remedied. I'm still not convinced a standard cruiser isn't okay with me. However seeing a lady my age learn the ease of uphill pedaling has me almost convinced that a bike with gears would be best. Still not sure. We're looking on Craigslist and at all the department stores. We'll take new or used, but we're not spending a fortune. Those collapsible folding bikes aren't for us and neither are the recumbent ones. Too weird. On Saturday, in the pouring rain, we drove to M'boro looking for the Swoopes Bicycle store on E. Main Street only to find them closed for a week's vacation. We've checked every K-Mart, Target, Walmart and some bicycle stores and nothing is right. We'll just have to keep trying...

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