Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our "Welcome" to Topsail

We arrived at Topsail Preserve State Park Campground in early afternoon on Saturday, April 10 and were, frankly, surprised to get a place to camp. It was just for two nights -- site #142. The campground was nice; it had been recommended by the Helton's, who we had met last winter in Williston. We could see why they liked it. We unhooked Blackie and I let Wayne around to the campsite. Immediately I saw a man in the site directly behind us taking an unusual interest in us. He walked to the rear of our site and stared relentlessly. I stared back. He never flinched. Wayne and I readied our new $20 walkie talkies and made preparation to back Mona into the site. I knew the idiot was still staring and I knew, too, that he would become a problem. I didn't get Wayne lined up properly and the first attempt was stopped and we had to reposition. At this point, the idiot walked up behind me and began "...he's running over the sprinklers." That did it. I couldn't believe my ears. I asked him to leave and he did but he did not stop starring critically. He shook his head so Wayne could see him in the rear view mirrors. What a dreadful start to this camp adventure. I finally got over my anger and we enjoyed the first evening at Topsail -- taking a walk after dinner and before dark.

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