Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010 - South from Birmingham on I-65

Another absolutely beautiful day is expected today but the night was very COLD. Colder than we've had in over a week at home in Franklin. We had to add extra blankets and use the heater. We ate breakfast, pulled in the slides and began preparation to continue the trip. As we were in an out -- leaving the door open, a big dove found her way inside and suprised me as I went in. She was perched comfortable on the dashboard where, I suppose it was nice and warm. Wayne caught her and helped her back outside. We finally got underway again wearing long sleeve clothes. Wayne is getting more comfortable driving Mona and I just love the ride. Last night and this morning we found the right rear jack has a terrible leak -- spewing pink hydraulic fluid with each use. Upon starting the diesel engine, the hydraulic fluid level alarm began. We drove the 10 miles down I-65 to SunCoast RV Center, our usual stop for repair, it seems. They could not fix the jack, but Larry suggested we just buy some Dextron III fluid and continue replacing all the fluid that leaked out over the course of the vacation week. We were encouraged and made our way to get our daily WalMart fix of food, toiletries and hydraulic fluid. We also got an oil change pan to put under the jack so the fluid wouldn't spray all over the ground when we used it. We have an appointment at Cullum-Maxey to have the jack repaired for Tuesday after we get home. The rear camera that would not come on yesterday has apparently fixed itself overnight and works normally today, giving us a good clear view of Blackie tagging along behind us.

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