Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bella Terra: The Devil In The Details

From Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, Foley, Alabama        It is hot in Foley. Every day. Not just hot in the sun but sweltering hot, even in the shade... with unbearable humidity. My clothes are soaked with perspiration within minutes of stepping outside... sun or shade. Thunderstorms roll in regularly and that adds to the awful humidity. Some days I swear I smell mildew outside. My morning walks are a faint memory. I wouldn't dream of even trying it in this heat.

We are shut-ins most days until after dinner when it's cool enough to venture out for a golf cart or convertible ride. Lexie and Ozzie are becoming less stressed in the convertible. The wind bothered them the first few times but I've cut their hair to keep it from whipping around their faces and Wayne's short, low-speed routes are helping them adjust.

Pups and Pops ready to roll out for an evening ride to the beach.
The video below was taken before I cut their facial and ear hair. 

But all that's outside the realm of the real summer project: Construction. It continues at a fairly steady pace that I think is slow but David, the contractor, doesn't. Work that's hard to see: metal strapping, outside trim, reinforced joists, beams and the like are important but not easily seen, though on close look, the frame has a tighter, more finished look.

Kevin Trussel
Grill Island, Pensacola

Kevin Trussel, of Grill Island in Pensacola came by Tuesday morning, August 15th to see what modifications will be needed to the outside kitchen. It is time to build the frame and attach it to the porch wall. This will be done in late August. Then while he is on vacation the first week of September, stone workers will cover the frame in stacked stone. Once Kevin returns, plumbing, gas and electric will be attached and the granite will installed.

The bar will be a backward "L" shape along the porch wall with the grill centered. An exhaust hood has been added between the windows. Kevin measured the 12 foot length and examined the gas, water and sewer lines already in place. We are good for liftoff.

Grill hood will be centered between the windows. Gas, water and sewer lines are in place. 
Next day, Wednesday, August 16, Kevin returned with this revised diagram. My excitement was short lived when he pointed out that we had boxed ourselves into a problem with the devilish details. The diagram below shows placement required by the already cut windows and power for the exhaust hood.

Once the 24" counter and an additional 12" of raised bar space are added to the outer edge of the outside kitchen,
a mere 18" of space is left for seating. 

In centering the windows and exhaust hood on the porch wall, we backed ourselves out to the edge of the porch at the bar. Here's how: The porch is a 12' extension on a 4" raised portion of the concrete pad. The grill hood outlet was placed halfway, at the 6' point with two window openings cut equidistant from the point of the grill hood.

The grill hood would dictate placement of the grill directly below and that would force the bar out so far that a mere 18" of bar stool space was left.  I had a mental picture of friends on bar stools falling off the the tiny 18 inches of seating space. How could we remedy this error? I spoke with David by phone. He was calm and unflappable. Later that evening he sent "It's all good! We'll take care of it" in a reply text.

And so the problem was remedied. After several seemingly good ideas we settled on this: We will take out the window nearest the casita and enlarge the other one.  With a simple snip, the water lines can be shortened to fit farther in and the gas line is flexible. This should reduce the wall side of the bar by a foot or more. David and Kevin will meet to confirm it will work. That was easy.

But then I thought about how nice a couple of hanging pendant lights would look over the bar and conveyed that request to David. No sooner asked than done!  I ordered the pendant lights and the electrician installed the wiring.

Right window was completely removed. Left one will be enlarged slightly.
Water, sewer and gas were moved to the right.
Portals for pendant light directly over the bar are added but might have to be moved a bit. 
It's a bit easier now to see how the vaulted ceiling will look.
HVAC tubing has been installed over the shower stall. Metal plates were added  where the wall joists meet the roof.
This will protect our little casita in 140 mph winds... I hope.  

The living area wall.
18 inch metal straps are attached with at least a dozen nails. 

...and so progress does go on and on. Even the tiny, hard to see details.

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  1. Hang in there. All this hassle is going to be so worth it. Hope the heat and humidity settle down before too long. I never got used to the humidity when I lived in the DC area.