Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bella Terra: Built With Chicken Wire

From Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, Foley, Alabama       Three larges boxes of cultured stone were delivered to our lot on August 16th. David's text to tell me was thrilling. As the daughter of a building contractor, the smells of construction and the sight of building materials are as exciting to me as going to a potluck dinner at a southern country church. I couldn't wait to see the stone and examine them.

Straight stones in the red stripe box. Corner stones are in the blue stripe one.

Content of the boxes! 
Stone installation for the casita began on August 22nd. David explained that the stones aren't real but cultured. They look real! Some are "L" shaped for use on corners.

David's stone workers use a unique application technique for adhering the stone to the Hardie board... chicken wire.

Chicken wire is attached to the Hardie board.
Rico is the master of stacked stone application.
Marcus attaches the chicken wire to the Hardie board. 
The first of the stones are set.

"Before" stone application
The contract is well beyond the half-way point with a targeted completion planned for the end of September. I sure don't see that happening.

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