Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ya Gotta Have Friends

From Chula Vista RV Resort and Marina, Chula Vista, California      One of the greatest benefits of full-time RV travel is that we make so many friends with whom we have a common interest.  Our oldest friends remain dearest, make no mistake, but as we age and our love of RV travel deepens, we find a great deal of satisfaction connecting with others in our age group who share our passion for the nomadic life.

By the middle of March, we had met several of our neighbors at Chula Vista and formed friendships with several of them. The afternoon these pictures were taken, Jim and Bonnie had initiated the familiar "Happy Hour" where everyone brings a snack and their preferred drink.

Those who know me know I rarely indulge in "adult beverages" but this afternoon I drank three, no maybe four margaritas. They were Jim's own personal concoction and they were delicious. Pam and Ernie returned from a day at Balboa Park to find me holding one margarita and drinking another. Pam was dumbfounded. It was photoworthy.

I am a two-fisted margarita drinker. 
After a little while we began an episode of selfie-taking during happy hour. Bonnie's effort resulted in a pretty good one so I'll include it here... Not perfect as Penny has no upper body, but good.

Bonnie is front and center. Clockwise from there is Yerda, Phil, Jim, Bob, Ernie (standing), Pam, me, Wayne, Elaine, Ian and finally, Penny, who's upper body has been cut off.  Hey... it's a selfie. 

Left to right, Pam, Elaine and her husband Ian from Alberta, Canada.
Bob, from Colorado is on the far right. 
Until the sun dipped into the bay, the Chula Vista afternoon was warm and comfortable. By dusk, however, we had gathered a few propane "glamping" firepits as we exchanged stories and learned all we could about one another.

Left to right, Jim holding his dog Teddi, Jim's wife, Bonnie and her dog Luna.
Wayne, in the red sweater, and Ernie.
That's Jim and Bonnie's Holiday Rambler Scepter and Jeep behind them.

Left to right, Elaine and Ian again, Bob and Penny and their dogs, Marco and Maddie.
Bob and Penny are full-timers from Colorado.

We snagged an empty campsite for our campfire this afternoon.
Left to right is Bob and Penny again. Yerda in her ski cap. Her husband Phil is not in the picture.
Jim (holding Teddi) and Bonnie (Luna beside her).

We became friends that afternoon. The following week, eight of us who played golf formed one foursome of ladies and another of guys.  While the golf scores might leave something to be desired, we sure had a good time swiping at the golf ball. Here's proof at the end of 18 holes.

At our familiar haunt, Chula Vista golf Course.
Left to right, me, Wayne, Jim, Pam, Bob, Bonnie, Ernie and Pam. 
Nothing beats ending a neighborhood golf tournament better than having drinks and dinner so our group headed over to BJ's Brewhouse and Grill.  A few more pictures of our new, and old friends 'round the table.

Bonnie (she can slug a golfball) and Jim

Penny (so good we threw her off our team) and Bob

Wayne and me

Ernie and Pam (has a serious love/hate relationship with the game)
Two days later, Bob, Penny, Pam, Ernie, Wayne and I would depart Chula Vista, leaving Jim and Bonnie behind. We have a tentative plan to rendezvous with them later in the summer and hope to meet Bob and Penny at Moab in May. Because they pulled out early in the morning, I didn't get any last minute pictures of Bob, Penny and their dogs.  I did get these parting shots of Bonnie and Jim....

Jim and Teddi who reminds me of one of the Muppets.

Bonnie stole my heart immediately as an rabid rescue advocate.
Here she is again with Luna, her Costa Rica rescue with a bad back.
Ya just gotta have friends. You can never have enough friends.

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