Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bob's Pig Sticks

From Outdoor Resort, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, California        One of the most important and enjoyable aspects of life as retired full-time RV travelers is the making of RVing friends.  Here at ORPS, we've met, and like, all our immediate neighbors. John and his wife (whose name I forget and who speaks very little English) from Los Angeles on our left, Jamie, Megan and their two teenage children who come just for weekends are on our right. Behind us, Margie and Russ have been wintering here from Washington since ORPS opened thirty-five years ago. Directly across the street from us, Helen and her dog Chula, are here year 'round. Bob "Tex" and his wife, Mary Ellen, just a couple of sites up and across from us, are here all the time too. It's a nice mix of ages and RV lifestyles.

Bob wearing his Popeye t-shirt in his outdoor kitchen 

Sweet Mary Ellen
Bob and Mary Ellen invited Helen, Pam, Ernie, Wayne and me over for Bob's special barbecue pig sticks (pork ribs) this week. I made my usual big green salad and Pam baked a cake using her Mom's delicious recipe.  The four of us had finished 18 holes of golf that afternoon so we arrived just in time to rush over, still sweaty and pretty tired with our dinner contributions. We were greeted by our host and hostess, Helen and Chula and three other people who were new to us. Mike was a very nice fellow from Minnesota.  Wendy and her younger sister, Barb stopped by for a chat and stayed on for dinner.  This is the kind of people we meet here. It's nice and casual and friendly and impromptu.  I can't find enough good adjectives to describe Bob and Mary Ellen's genuine hospitality. Such nice people.

Property owners here take great pride in their outside living areas. Bob and Mary Ellen are no exception, and quite possibly have the nicest outside RV living area I've seen. It's a space more than double the size of their fifth-wheel coach, the deck covered in large tile, the space decorated with wall hangings, comfortable furniture, lush plants, twinkling lights, fireplaces, umbrellas, a wooden deck and complete kitchen.

Bob and Mary Ellen's retreat, complete with the Texas star. 

Mary Ellen, me and Helen

Pam and Ernie cozy and full of ribs

The Wayner and me... oh so rested. 
Bob's Pig Sticks were scrumptious, as were the accompanying baked beans, salad and cake. Unable to eat at the late hour, Mary Ellen packed extra ribs for Wayne to eat the next day.  After dinner, we returned to the comfortable seating area and enjoyed Mike's guitar playing and singing.

Pictures say the rest.....

Mike breaks into a song...

Bob breaks into song 

Chula breaks into song. 
This is hospitality.

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