Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Losing Friends

Spring Lake RV Resort, Crossville, Tennessee     A friend has passed away and we are having trouble accepting that it happened. Rick and his wife, Louise were part of our Seminole Campground (N. Ft. Myers, Florida) gang. He died Saturday, June 20th, about a week after a seemingly routine hip replacement procedure.

Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots fan, Rick was a New Englander, through and through. 
All of us knew Rick's knees had been bad for quite a while. Louise spoke often about his reluctance to have the surgery required to make them better. During this past winter, his hip began to fail too though and I'm sure his doctor encouraged him to take action now so he would have the summer to recover.

These two pictures were taken the morning we left Seminole Campground in March 2014.
Not an early riser under normal circumstances, Rick managed to get up to say goodbye to us. 
A few days after his hospital discharge, Rick developed fever and he returned to the hospital. He was in ICU when we learned about it. Another few days and sepsis set in requiring his colon to be removed. His lungs collapsed and then his kidneys failed. He died within a few days. We are heartbroken for his wife, family and ourselves.

Our travel brings us together with lots of people with whom we have common interests. Most are in our age group and enjoy cross country travel, wintering in warm climates and camping. The older we get and the more people we meet, the more we face this inevitable occurrence. It hurts nevertheless.

One of our first year group dinner pictures.
Nearest to the camera: Rick on the left, his wife, Louise on the right. 
Rest in peace, Rick.

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