Saturday, June 20, 2015

A House? No Way!

Spring Lake RV Resort, Crossville, Tennessee    
We came to Crossville, Tennessee in early May to play golf. Crossville is said to the "the golf capitol of Tennessee" with at least eight courses within a twenty mile radius. Why, there's even one community here with five, yes five, courses!

Excited as we were though, the first few weeks here, we couldn't play because I was still "under the weather" with the head cold. But once I felt better, we began to explore the golf options and found ourselves really caught in the fever. What a great place! Let's just stay here all summer!

The previous winter we had given some thought to buying a lot for the coach... a place of our own where we could park for a couple of months in spring and fall and be near family, doctors and medical facilities. Crossville might be a good location to serve that purpose and so I set about exploring the real estate options.

Lake Tansi, on the south side of Crossville, is a nice development with great golf, and a lot ownership RV community. I checked out the listings and we both got excited. The golf course there is well kept, but the RV community at Holiday Out RV Park at Tansi was a huge disappointment with old junked out trailers, tarped and broken down cars throughout. Bummer.

Another lot ownership community is on the other side of town, nearer to where we are staying and we looked there too. But Deer Run RV Resort was no better, just different, perhaps worse... with a mile of loose gravel road going into the community. Our hopes were fading.

Yet another Crossville location, Fairfield Glade, is a premier retirement golfing community but it doesn't have accommodations for full-time RV'ers so that didn't work for us either. To live there and enjoy membership golf, we would be required to vacate the coach and live in a house. We tossed that idea too.

One other possibility was explored. The Gardens is a community of villa style homes with attached RV garages but it didn't appeal to us and like with the previous location, we would have to park the coach in the garage and live in the house. We want to continue to live in our motorhome and not vacate it. The plan was dashed.

So at this point in time, the property ownership idea has been abandoned and we are loving our spot at Spring Lake. We will remain here as long as possible, practical and desirable, playing the area golf courses as non-members and enjoying the huge mowed grass lot behind us for practice.

Not much wrong with that plan.

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