Friday, February 20, 2015

February Goings On and Farewells

When February rolled around, we welcomed Pam and Ernie to the campground. They were the absolute last to arrive. Because we are such a thoughtful group, we surprised them with a spray-painted "Welcome Home Ernie & Pam" on the back of a plastic tablecloth. We hung it with jute from trees on either side of their site. Being the generous people we are, we gave them the tablecloth after this welcome reception.

Mary, Louise, Nancy, Dale, Ernie, Linda, Pam, Joyce, Ernie and Wayne
Within a few days, Pam and Ernie were right in the thick of things and we scheduled an evening for Fran's Annual Secret Recipe Spaghetti Supper. A few pictures...

Joyce, Mary and Pam. That's Pam and Ernie's Phaeton.
To the left is Fran and Mary's Itasca Sunrise, Ken and Nancy's Bounder and the front cap can be seen of Dale and Linda's Winslow. We are to the left of the Phaeton.

Good food abounds and there are excellent chefs among us. The dinner has expanded to the degree that we must now have a dinner serving table, a salad table, dessert table and a table for drinks.
Left to right, Joyce, Fran's knees, Charlie, Ernie, Pam, Dale, Wayne, Janie and Mary.

Clockwise, starting with Wayne's bald head at lower left. Mary and Janie are sitting at the table.
Far side starting at the far end are Fran, Charlie, Ernie and Pam (taking my picture). Dale makes the toast.

Cheers from Duane, Pam and Wayne

Joyce and Nancy photo bombed by Mary who's had a thimbleful of wine (her limit).
In the background I see Sue, Linda, part of Dale, Janie and Duane. 

Fran takes great pride in keeping his sauce recipe secret. 
According to Rick, "We don't care about the recipe... just bring on the sauce."

Wayne, Dale, Louise, Charlie, Fran, Linda, Sue, Mary and Duane.
Mary isn't mad, she had the thimble full of wine and will soon do something hilarious. 
Happy Dale To You! 
The usual February birthdays rolled around too, and one of them was mine. As I pronounced myself  "The Birthday Queen" I was presented with the diamond tiara I'm wearing in the picture below.  This year's birthday celebrations were breakfasts at Cracker Barrel which made me pretty happy as I love the blueberry and pecan pancakes.

The Queen's court consists of Mary, Louise, Wayne, Sue, Ernie, Pam,
Joyce, Charlie, Linda, Dale and Ernie screaming.
I took the picture. I'm always taking the pictures. 

Me, The Birthday Queen giving my royal look wearing my tiara. 
Other February stuff included relaxation on the patio, mostly with the dogs. We played golf about once a week, shopped and did the regular things like eat donuts on Thursday mornings.

My two best guys, Wayne and Ozzie. 

My girl, Lexie. We are letting her hair grow long, trimming just her face, feet and sanitary area.

And then at the end of February we had to say goodbye to Joyce and Charlie. They had to leave early this year to attend a family wedding. All we can do is hope and pray the harsh winter weather is over and they have a safe trip back to Wichita.

A return trip to Ciaos Restaurant is Joyce's special farewell request and we were happy to comply. Surprisingly, or maybe not, we were seated at our usual large table in the rear of the restaurant.

That's me doing front and center with Wayne behind me.
Fran, Ken, Nancy, Mary, Joyce and Charlie round out the table.

My fist dinner. I forgot the details. 

Wayne's dinner. Forgot the details of this one too. 

Looks good but I don't know what it was.  Seafood something, I think. 

I forget the restaurant owner's name, but she is always there, always cooking and always greeting her patrons to make them feel at home.  She took a break to get in the photo tonight. 

The next morning, Charlie and Joyce would pull out, leaving all of us behind.

The girls club include, L to R, Janie, Linda, Nancy, Sally, Wet Head Pam, Farewell Joyce, Large Lavender me and Mary.
Upon seeing this picture, I dieted to lose 10 pounds. Thanks so much. 

Two nights after Joyce and Charlie left us, we mourned for them by eating. Joyce left us a farewell dish of beef / salsa dip which we literally devoured.  Such good food, such good friends. Missing Charlie and Joyce though.
Ken scooping into the beef / salsa dip. 

We had a nice, but short, week long visit from old friends Russ and Cheryl who drove down from Ohio.
Sadly, I failed to get a good picture of Cheryl. 

Same picture as the one of Ken above.
Hope Joyce will enjoy knowing how much we enjoyed the dip. 

Mary with her glass wine... again. 

In this picture, some hardly visible are, Telephone Bill and Susan, Pam, Wayne. I see Rick way back there in a blue shirt by the tree and Louise is there too. Standing at the table I see Nancy and Janie. Sitting behind Janie there's Cheryl and Russ, Duane is standing (don't know who is in blue behind him. Looks like Ernie's shoes on the far right. 

Sweet Sue keeps the wine and the smiles flowing. 
Another day we rented a pontoon boat for a half-day. Next time, we will do a full day -- we had a great time, ate lots of goodies, of course and saw a fair share of dolphins.

Nancy, Wayne, Dale's back and Pam's back. 

Linda, Nancy, me, Pam and Pam's good friend, Janet. 

L to R: Capt Kennie, Dale, the Wayner and Ernie.

Time for mimosas! 

Linda and Dale

Snook Bight Marina
Taken from the pontoon. 

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