Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dale To The Electronics Rescue!

Wayne and I are almost to the three year anniversary of owning Endie, our Holiday Rambler Endeavor. From the beginning, we've struggled with a chronic but intermittent issue in the mid-coach television. Everything has been replaced, including the set itself and we've wasted thousands of dollars trying to find and correct the problem. Our greatest disappointment was in the visit to Innovative Coachworks in Junction City, Oregon last summer where we had placed greatest trust, hope and confidence in Matt Rossiter to identify and remedy the trouble. Matt failed miserably, charged us over $3,000 and never apologized or even returned our telephone calls For clarity, this is the company of which I speak and it is still in business.  

Matt Rossiter, Owner
425 West 3rd Avenue
Junction City ,Oregon 97448
Business phone: (541) 998 - 1504

Back to the campground and our problem. Our good friend, neighbor and co-camper, Dale, offered last year to look at our problem and replace the HDMI cable if necessary. We did not accept his kind offer, however, as we find mixing friendship with business can lead to lost friendships. But this year, in exasperation, Wayne asked for Dale's help. 

Now let me say this about Dale: the man can fix just about anything.  He began the process of determining if, indeed, the HDMI cable was bad. In only as long as it took to lay a temporary HDMI cable across the floor to the television set, the suspected problem was confirmed. 

(This was the same trial repair we had asked Matt Rossiter to do but he insisted he found the problem and it was NOT the HDMI cable. It was the television set. So once again, we bought a new television set from him at three times the cost of the set if we had bought it ourselves at Best Buy.  Hindsight is priceless but so is my warning to others.)

The electronics cabinet held hundreds of feet of cable.
In this picture, Dale is taking a much deserved lunch break.
Ozzie on the couch is a bit concerned that someone is wrecking our home. 

A secondary, but contributing problem with television reception lay within the electronics cabinet built into our coach.  It is too small to hold all the components, wiring and outlets. Dale tackled that project too, removing the inner wall, replacing the shelving and organizing the wiring. He is the only person who has ever agreed to remedy the small cabinet dilemma though we asked Shawn Davis at Davis Cabinets, also in Junction City, Oregon to do it. Guess it was just too great a challenge. Really?

And so Dale eagerly took on the project. I remained confident while Wayne, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the project, often looked bewildered. Dale is that good.
Dale, are you sure you can put all that back together?
And of course, in the end, the new HDMI cable was permanently installed down the wall of the coach where it is now easily accessible if it ever goes bad again. The cabinet has been re-engineered and works perfectly.

Dale's promise kept, within a very few hours, spread over a couple of days, our chronic but intermittent electronics problem was resolved We were thrilled. Such is the way with friends.

The electronics cabinet after the wood shelves and a side wall were removed.

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