Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eat At Joe's!

This post is tardy. Real tardy. As a matter of fact, I had completely forgotten two memorable events until I was working on a more recent blog story and ran across the pictures. 

A few weeks ago, Ken and Nancy's friends, Jean and Ron, were wrapping up their week long visit when they decided to invite the West Side Trailerhood gang for dinner at Joe's Crab Shack in Fort Myers. A few carloads of us hauled our bottomless pit stomachs along for eats.  Gee, that's some surprise, eh?

We found this sign on Joe's Crab Shack door to be a bit comical.
Seems the restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 to 12
They are open on Friday and Saturday, however, from 11 to 12.  Hummm.

Let's see now.... going around the table clockwise, there's Wayne at the opposite end (12 o'clock), then my empty chair, Mark, Janie and Ron.  In pink is Jean, then Ken, Nancy, Joyce and Charlie.  All are looking a bit weak from hunger.

A variety of seafood was ordered and most everybody enjoyed their dinner.  One notable exception, however, would be Janie, who was not amused at the difficult and time consuming task cracking crab legs for the tiny morsels of meat inside.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to capture her frustrated expression as she tossed the crab carcases into the bucket provided for that purpose. Nancy, who sat across from her at the table, told me about it later.  

Janie and Ron all dressed up for their messy hard shell seafood meals.

Ken has crabs.  Yes, he does.
Wayne ordered a shrimp dinner and I selected crawfish ettoufee and both were excellent.  I should point out that Joe's Crab Shack had $2 hurricane's the night we were and they were really good too.

Wayne's fried shrimp dinner was oohhh, yum, good.
Accompanied by a $2 hurricane.

Crawfish fried and crawfish ettoufee.

Peach cobbler with ice cream

Being the kind who just itches to break the rules, Mark insisted he take his beer right to the edge. We made a special trip outside... to the restaurant porch for this one.   

Yes, he did stretch his right arm past the sign that strictly prohibits that action! 
Later that week, I had the thrill of holding Ellie Mae, a Capuchin Monkey who lives in the campground.  Anxious to get a picture of her, I ran outside with my camera.  Who knew she would leave her pop's shoulder to come visit with me?  How exciting! 

I think Ellie Mae is contemplating leaving home in this picture.
These next few pictures of Ellie Mae and me are displayed in proper time sequence.  Notice I look nervous in the first one.  Yes, I am a little bit afraid of monkeys.  Someone standing close by took my camera to snap these pictures.  

Ellie Mae is very soft, warm and lightweight.
You don't hold Ellie Mae -- she hold you.

A closeup.

Completely unrehearsed, folks. 

Introducing Antoinette, the great! 
Wild animal trainer!

Wait!  She's going to choke me to death with her tail!

Now don't mess up my hair, Ellie Mae!

As unique as she is and as strange as it seems, Ellie Mae is not the only unusual animal guest in and around our campground.  One photo I didn't catch was the colorful parrot who rode through the campground on the handlebar of his owner's bicycle.  He was always talking as he passed. 

Holly talks... a lot.  She calls her mom, Cheryl, by name.  That's weird.

This is Tyler, a Newfoundland with a neurological condition that causes his rear legs to bend in such a way that when first seen, he can easily be mistaken for a bear.  Yes, I thought he was a bear.

We call this big pig "Petunia".
Petunia lives in the yard of a house up the street from the campground. 
Yes, this pig is a pet.

I forgot this fellow's name, but it was in the campground for awhile too.
Sadly, we had an pet death in the campground during our stay.  Maxwell, a 14 year old Schnauzer, became ill suddenly and upon advice of the attending veterinarian, was euthanized.  A few weeks later, Max's parents found Joshua.

Deb and little Joshua. 
Our time at Seminole is winding down and we'll be saying some sad farewells soon.  What a fun time we've had here but our feet are starting to get the travel itch again....

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