Wednesday, February 1, 2012

iPad 2: Can An Old Dog Learn A New Trick?

My friend, Pam, loves technology and is an avid "Apple eater" so when she showed me her iPad2 while we were at Paradise Oaks in Bushnell, I watched her easily swipe the screen and was quickly convinced that I must have an iPad2.

I've always been a user of the traditional computer products and have many years invested in mastering Microsoft technology.  My current laptop and previous personal computers were Dell and/or Gateway and I've enjoy using them.  Hearing so many positives about Apple's genius, I felt I'd better try it out. 

It took several weeks to find the iPad2 in the color and with the capabilities I'd decided to buy, but in late January, at a Ft. Myers Best Buy store, I found it.  The sales representative answered all my questions; the most important being the ability to return the product for full refund, without restocking fees, if needed.   I explained my computer needs -- basic word processing, blogging, photo management, personal online business, Internet research and of course, Facebook socialization with my gazillions of friends. LOL.
My sleek new iPad2 -- ready to unveil.

In the end I bought the iPad, a fold-up keyboard, a glare shield (for outside use of the iPad) and installation of the glare screen for a whopping total of $825.  Jeepers.  It's gonna be worth it.

It was love at first swipe.  Small, thin, lightweight and easy to use. The icons (or apps I guess they're called) were cute and easy to open.  I was a bit disappointed that I had to input credit card information to download the free apps but reluctantly did so.  The first few days were fun but not seriously productive in the things I use a computer to do.

First problem encountered was the lack of using Google's Picasa for my photos. Second problem was that I wouldn't be able to download photos from my cheap little Nikon Coolpix to the iPad. Bummer. I found what seemed to be a reasonable facsimile of Picasa in the free apps, but it proved to be no good.  Drat.  Next problem was that I was still tied to a tabletop using the keyboard I'd purchased and furthermore, the keyboard prevented using the iPad camera the way I wanted and without the keyboard, I'd need yet another cover.  Finally, I found using anything other than games and Facebook with the iPad to be cumbersome. 

In hindsight, I think I didn't truly understand the real purpose of the iPad.  I wanted a laptop. After just over a week, I made the critical decision to return it for a lightweight laptop.  

Oh well... As Wayne says, "if you hadn't tried it, you would have never known and you would have regretted not trying it."   Well said.

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