Monday, February 6, 2012

Back To The Future: LaBelle, Florida

The house where Wayne's brother lived.
It was nicer back then and the grass was not dead. 

A Little History

Twenty-eight years ago Wayne and I spent a good bit of time in the tiny southwestern Florida town of LaBelle, located between Lake Okeechobee and Fort Myers. 

During that time, Wayne's brother and his wife lived and worked here. Wayne was living and working in Tampa back then and I visited with him from time to time.

The courthouse where we got our marriage license.

The brothers were close and it seemed natural, back then, that we would decide to marry here.

Now it seems strange somehow, but it is a fact nevertheless.

Our marriage ceremony was arranged with the pastor at one of the local churches.

The church where we married.

A trip to Ft. Myers, twenty miles away, and a pair of matching gold wedding bands was purchased. A stop at the hospital there for blood tests and then back to the county courthouse in LaBelle for the marriage license.

By late afternoon our simple but beautiful wedding was underway.

So many happy years follow...

Fast forward to February, 2012...

We're spending a week at Whisper Creek RV Resort here in LaBelle. Unlike Naples last week, there are plenty vacancies and the price is quite reasonable.  Most of our time is spent relaxing, walking the dogs, watching movies, the Super Bowl and taking care of miscellaneous chores.
We're in a new part of an old campground.
Stick-tights are a problem and we have to brush the dogs often.

This is us. The Glenn is an area of lots available to purchase.
 The sites are large and have 50 amp service. 

LaBelle has not grown at all, it seems, and there's really nothing here -- except citrus.  Many huge trucks, heaped over with citrus, travel nearby Highway 29. The weather has been uncommonly hot and muggy.  Daytime temperatures have been in the mid-80's and the nights are in the 60's.  We've enjoyed sleeping with the bedroom window open.  While the solitude here is nice, it's a little remote for more than a week, so we'll be moving along soon.
The long horn cows made us think of Texas.
I don't know why the grass is brown here. Dry conditions, I suppose.

Not sure yet where we're headed when we leave later this week but there's plenty of winter weather left north of here so we'll settle in some of our other old haunts.

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