Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dogs and Neighbors In Bushnell

I've met my match. Our neighbor here in Bushnell is as bad, or worse, than me about doting over his little dogs.  Joe and his wife, Pam are retired full-timers from Virginia. They have a Tibetan Spaniel named Izzy and Allie, a Maltese. Joe is a full-time papa to his girls and his devotion to his dogs very nearly surpasses my own to Lexie and Ozzie. Joe and I have shared dog stories.

On Monday, Joe decided to try his hand at grooming Allie. He and I set up a make-shift grooming table on our patio and he gave haircuts to his babies -- complete with regular kisses and baby-talk to all four dogs.  It was a great way to while away an afternoon. 

Working on Allie's paw pads. 

Izzie gets a full haircut. 

Lexie, Ozzie and Allie playing in while Izzy gets a haircut.

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