Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year From Tombstone Territories RV Park

Snow on the mountains.
This is the view out the front window of the coach.
Happy New Year! 
Last week's bitter cold is slowly moving out and we're wrapping up the first full week at Tombstone Territories RV Park. Days are finally sunny and warming -- although only into the mid-50's and the nights are still below freezing.  All the regular winter visitors say this much cold weather is not typical for winters here.  Nevertheless, it's been awful for us and we would have left if there had been a chance of finding warm weather anywhere within a day's drive. 
The days are warming to the 50's in this picture.
Taken New Years Day 2011
2011 came in for us the same way all new years arrive: Quietly.  Wayne's sciatica remains troublesome and he is still unable to stand or walk for much more than a minute or two.  Not that we would have done anything if he had felt better. As is customary for us, we rang in the new year with a snore at best. For us the best surprise is no surprise.

We had planned to pull out this morning, after seven nights here at Tombstone Territories, but we've almost decided  to stay on here for awhile.  The campground is nice, the area has a lot to see and do (if we can get well enough to see it) and the weather is cooperating.  There's no real rush to move on today.

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