Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bella Terra: Patio Kitchen Frame

Kevin Trussel
From Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, Foley, Alabama 

The casita porch (notice I use the terms "porch" and "patio" interchangably) is probably my favorite part of our Bella Terra buildout. A mental image of this cozy shady space filled with comfortable chairs, a large dining table, friends at the bar, burgers on the grill and football on the television plays in my mind all the time. There's a chance, this space is starting to take some real shape now.

Murphy's Law would dictate that after waiting all these months to reach this point, Kevin (the outside kitchen guy) would be taking his annual week long vacation. He's gone to San Diego to visit his son stationed there with the Navy. Kevin's associate, David Foshee, will begin the kitchen install, I am told.

I use the terms "kitchen, bar and counter" to describe the same item too. That's just me.

Kevin brought the frame for the outdoor / patio kitchen counter / bar on August 31st -- the day the foam insulation came in a day early.

Without space needed to install it, Kevin left the patio kitchen frame here on the gazebo pad. It's in two parts.

The inside wall to the porch is covered in Hardie board and ready for the counter frame.
The two windows are covered. One will have to be eliminated and the other will be slightly enlarged, I think.

Another box of cultured stone is delivered with the kitchen counter frame. The counter base will be covered in them. 
On Labor Day, David Foshee began the installation. Looking left to right, the counter will have an undercounter refrigerator and sink. The right side will hold a grill and a burner.

David Foshee completed the Hardi board cover on Tuesday, Sept 6. Stacked stone will cover the entire bar and granite counters will go on last. Easier now to see where the appliances will fit.

Plenty of space for barstools now. 

Evidently the illusive painter stopped by sometime during the day as more exterior yellow paint had been applied when I was there mid afternoon. I've never seen him. He seems to stop by, paint for a half hour and dissapear...

I'm ready for the next steps. September 27th is knocking at the door....

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