Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bella Terra: The Flurry

From Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, Foley, Alabama        David thinks we'll get this horse into the barn by the September 27th contract deadline.  I am too realistic to believe it but too optimistic to dismiss his prediction.  A flurry of activity has begun. From here, I'll just post pictures with dates and brief descriptions.
Porch ceiling completed. Kitchen ready for stone. September 12th
Doors yet to be installed. 

Sheetrock going up.... mud work too.
This is the kitchen window. 

Kevin Trussel's rock guys were in and out in two days. Sept 13 and 14th. They did a nice job. 

One of the kitchen rock workers.
In the foreground, the gazebo pad has it's final stain application.
It will be rinsed and readied for gazebo installation tomorrow morning. 

Dale (on the scaffold) and Bill (moving the scaffold) continue sheetrock. 

Sidelights finally arrived. They and the big front doors are installed. 

Bill and Kevin's kitchen rock guy, whose name I failed to get. 

September 15th. The gazebo is up. Still lots of finishing touches to be added to it though. 

The porch ceiling is stained now... September 15th. 

On Septmber 17th, Rico and Marco began preparing the firepit area for the paver and seating wall.

Stain applied to the radius area in front. 

Marcus setting circular tiles while Marcus transports the heavy pavers. 

I met this afternoon with Brandon of Kent's Landscaping to review and modify the original plans we made in June.  Stands to reason, the days I want landscaping service are in conflict with the local "Parade of Homes" landscaping days.  I wanted to shake Brandon by the collar, but thought better of showing my impatience.  After all, I've been waiting only six months.

Pam, Ernie, Joyce and Charlie have moved their arrival up a day and will be here tomorrow, September 20th. Wayne and I are so ready to spend some time with them. I do hope to be near completion, though I don't expect to be on the new site while they are here.  Bill told me that David still feels we will finish on target.

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