Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Construction: The First Month

From Bella Terra Gulf Shores      Today I had another (the fourth or fifth maybe) meeting with Courtney about when we might expect measurable progress to begin on our RV site at Bella Terra.
Wayne joined me for this meeting. He usually isn't involved and doesn't care about the mechanics of the process. As long as I am happy, he is happy. But today, Courtney caught up with us walking the dogs and invited us both in for a chat.

Her invitation came after my reply to her email yesterday with preliminary lot improvement cost figures. As always seems to be the case, prices from last week aren't prices this week... and they never go down. I sense that I'm not going to be happy about that.

Pricing isn't the largest of our trouble though. The really bad part is the draftsman who clearly resents being bothered with our project. Our project literally cannot get off his desk.  

Unfortunately, with construction business booming, it's not easy to find construction support providers. I feel Courtney's pain -- literally. Make no mistake, her pain is my pain.
In conclusion, I left Courtney with my candid and very poor impressions of Robby Miller of Coastal Design Group. Unless something positive happens soon, he's in for a dose of my long lasting wrath.

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