Thursday, October 15, 2015

Loafing Around The Loveliest Village

From Auburn RV Park, Auburn, Alabama     The Birmingham visit was followed by a stop in Auburn. We stayed three days at University Station RV Resort and then a week at Auburn RV Park, owned by our friend Thomas Sparrow. We always enjoy visiting with Thomas, his mom, Emily and his dad Tom, though we didn't get to see Tom this time.

Emily took this picture of us to add to her guest book.
Neither of us noticed my finger that I'm using to be sure Lexie holds her head up for the camera.
Emily couldn't use the photo for fear of offending.

As usual, Wayne visited every Auburn collegiate store several times, looking for a long list of items but coming away with just a few things he couldn't live without. While he shopped, Lexie and Ozzie enjoyed strolling the smooth concrete campus sidewalks and they got to meet a few students.

Auburn's 2015 home game football schedule is not to our liking this year. Our ten day visit in right smack in the middle of a three week period in this home game drought.  So, while we didn't get into Jordan Hare Stadium we did get a nice distant shot of Auburn's new giant scoreboard. That's it in the picture below -- from outside the stadium, of course. I think it's the largest in college football.... at least for now.

Back of the new giant scoreboard

Lexie and Ozzie had their "wellness visits" at Auburn University Small Animal Teaching Clinic and got good reports. Lexie's small fatty lump behind her left arm tested as harmless. I failed to get photos of the medical team but as usual, we were impressed with our assigned student and we enjoyed another visit with Dr. Robert Lofton as we continue to encourage him to retire and get into RV travel. On the dental front, Dr. Christopher Lea surprised me when he said we might get another four months before the next cleanings. It's been fifteen months since the dental cleaning in Crescent City! I can only attribute this good news to our daily tooth brushing.

Two days after the Wellness exam, however, Ozzie developed a bunch of tiny bumps on his skin; mostly on his extremities but there were two of the little boogers just behind his left ear. 

A return visit to the clinic  meant a test of the tiny bumps whose results were good. The rash is likely an reaction to the dry grass allergens. A $29 bottle of shampoo and two baths later, we are back to normal.

Reception area for Auburn's new small animal clinic

While we don't like to wish life away, we are counting the days until we meet friends in Gulf Shores to kick off our "SW To Alaska" Journey.  On October 15th, we pulled out of Auburn with Gulf State Park in our sites. Pam and Ernie have a few matters to attend in Maryland before they will start their trip down to join us. Joyce and Charlie will be leaving Wichita, Kansas soon too. There's a possibility that some other of our Seminole Campground (N Ft Myers, FL) friends will join us for a few days. Life is good.  

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