Sunday, October 13, 2013

Reunited (And It Feels So Good)

I've really been remiss in keeping the blog up to date for the past month.  I confess I've fallen off the wagon in Zynga's Words With Friends where the game playing addiction is simply stronger than my will to resist. 

Today, I'll go back to early September and our Seminole Campground Reunion.....

Cape Cod (Sandwich, Massachusetts)

Several months ago, one of our Florida camping friends arranged a late summer reunion. Our plan is to meet at Cape Cod for a few days and then move over to the Mystic Seaport area in Connecticut.  Wayne and I are looking forward to seeing the folks we met last year at North Fort Myers.

Reaching the Cape a few days early, Wayne and I settled in near Sandwich, Massachusetts to await the arrival of the others.  We're at Peter's Pond Campground and we like the set-up here.

Our campsite at Peter's Pond was perfect! Shady and private. What a great find!

We had visited Cape Cod many years ago and toured the area by car so we won't make the long drive out to Providencetown this time.  Instead, we enjoy some of places we didn't explore back then.  We did take a day trip to Falmouth and investigated the auto ferry to Martha's Vineyard. The seashore visit was especially nice.

Typical housing at Falmouth.
The seashore is to the immediate right of the roadway.
The day at Falmouth was blustery and almost downright cool but certainly enjoyable... maybe perfect for this area.  Makes us want to eat chowder and bundle up by a campfire. 
Falmouth seashore.
  • English colonists settled Falmouth in 1660 and named it for Falmouth, Cornwall, England.
  • In 1859, author, poet and lyricist Katharine Lee Bates was born at Falmouth. She wrote America the Beautiful
We stopped for a few minutes at a dog friendly beach where we could park right along the water. Lexie and Ozzie enjoyed the beach exploration.

Lexie has trouble with small stones as her toes are splayed from years of standing on wire.

Ozzie smells every single thing he sees at the beach. Lexie does too.
On Friday, Linda and Dale joined us at Peter's Pond for the weekend.  This would be our time to welcome them into the full-time RV life.  Just three days before, they completed the sale of their home in Ohio.  Congratulations to them and we wish them much happiness in their new adventure. 

How nice to meet up with friends from afar!

After giving Dale a day to relax his aching back, the four of us took a ride to Hyannis Port for lunch and a bit of sightseeing.  Naturally another visit to the shore was in the making.

Congratulations to Dale and Linda.
New full-time RV'ers!

On Monday, Dale and Linda and Wayne and I  will relocate to Scusset Beach State Reservation and welcome the others to the reunion.

Scusset Beach Reunion

This is our campsite. Dale and Linda are parked directly behind us. That's their rig in the photo center.
This group of RV'ers does not gather without food and so did some serious eating here at Scusset Beach. This night we enjoyed  haddock and plenty of trimmings.  Fran's special, yet simple, recipe for fried haddock became a favorite of everyone!  For this part of our reunion, we're joined by Rick and Louise who live nearby but unfortunately, do not seem to appear in any of the pictures.  They opted not to go on to Bozrah with  us but we'll look forward to seeing them again in Florida.

Charlie, Joyce and their son Tom along with Mary, Ken, Fran, Dale,
Wayne and I don't know who's on the other side of Dale.
Another reason to celebrate this gathering is Ken and Nancy's wedding anniversary.  We made a toast to that and to Dale and Linda's new full-time RV life along.  In addition, Charlie and Joyce just bought a new motorhome.... that's more celebrating, isn't it? 

And so our time at Scusset Beach ended.

On To Connecticut!

First night at Odetah -- wiener cookout! 
In exchange for Rick and Louise who didn't make the drive over to Bozrah, we welcomed Brad and Barb who joined us there. 

Left to right: Ken, Nancy, Brad and Barb
One of our nights at Bozrah was our "Soup Nazi" dinner where we had a smorgasbord of soups.  Even I, with little to no cooking skill, prepared two chowders, thanks to my good friends at Ellsworth who shared delicious lobster, clams and yes, even the recipes to make them.  Great food and fun continues and seems especially good when shared with friends. 
Three of our four soup choices

Every dinner at Odetah Camp was followed by a nice warm campfire, a few outrageous stories and plans for the next day's activities and meals, of course.  Even Zoey, Fran and Mary's little Spaniel, enjoyed the campfire.
Mary insists that Fran keep his loose fitting shorts legs tucked away from view of the camera.
Oh heck! Mary!

Mary with a real relaxed Zoey. 
Linda, Dale and Charlie to the right.

Nancy and Barb
As we've all learned to expect, no camping trip is complete until someone has a problem with electric, water, sewer or satellite reception. This trip is no different. Given the thickness of the surrounding forest, I was surprised we ever expected to receive a satellite signal, but Saturday's college football was a day away and Wayne really wanted to see two games. 

Being the good friends they are, Dale, Charlie and Ken pitched in to try to assist.  Adding insult to injury, our 18 month old DirecTV receiver died. A new one was ordered and received but unfortunately, DirecTV sent the wrong receiver and it will not work on our system.  Drat! 

Searching the skies for a solution to our satellite dilemma.

Deep in the foliage, Dale and Ken scour the sky for the signal.

But alas! Nothing works.  Even Ken's portable was set up, but was not compatible.

Retreating in defeat. 
In the end, we were able to see the Auburn v Mississippi State game on Ken and Nancy's antenna reception.  Thanks to all who worked toward that end for us.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Cape cod is a beautiful place to visit! I can't wait to look at Cape Cod vacation rentals with my husband so we can begin planning our trip. I hope we can get some of those soups, too...they look scrumptious!