Saturday, January 7, 2012

Living A Dog's Life In Central Florida

Just one week left to relax here in Bushnell; then we'll head to Tampa for the Annual RV Super Show and Rally.  We're looking forward to the event and will likely lighten our bank account substantially during the five day event.  Several of our RV friends, who we've met along the way, will be there and even though we won't be parked together, it will be nice to see them again.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather won't be too cold, too hot or rainy.  We plan to take the dogs around the show with us in their stroller as they just don't do well on leashes in a crowd.

On Friday, January 6, we enjoyed another day outside and took a little time to snap a few pictures.  In early afternoon, I caught Lexie and Ozzie sleeping in their favorite spot:  the ledge behind the couch where a large window gives them a good view of campground goings-on and some fresh air.
Sleeping in the window -- Lexie and Ozzie. 

Ozzie gets really relaxed on his back.

Lexie gets herself into some funny sleeping positions too.
Here her little head is hanging off.
Late in the day, I set up the tripod and made an attempt at getting some family photos to use in our next printing of personal information cards that we use to introduce ourselves to new acquaintances.

I remembered this afternoon that I've not taken any pictures of our campsite for the scrapbook. Our site has a very nice view of a small lake with a fountain and some beautiful live oaks.  It's lovely.

We've joined forces with our dog-loving neighbors, Joe and Pam, and connected our two individual small doggie playpens to make one large one. It's set up in front of our coach with a patio rug under it.  Our dogs, we've learned, eat grass (we call them little cows) and we have to do something to keep them from getting too much of it.  The rug helps in that regard and keeps them from getting too dirty too.

Our site is to the far left, Joe and Pam are next door.  Nice neighbors, Bob and Patsy are next to them.

And finally, I'll add this photograph of Ozzie, always eager to "ham it up" for the camera.  Incidentally, it should be noted that of the neighborhood dogs, he's the only male (neutered, but a male nevertheless) and he's not going to be happy to leave the situation he's got here.

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