Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 Iron Bowl Weekend

Wednesday, November 25 - Sunday, November 29

We left home around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon for our Thanksgiving trip to the lovely village on the plain.

Driving in heavy traffic along I-65, the sun was warm and we enjoyed the ride.

Suncoast RV in Calera, Alabama was our overnight destination where we had another good nights sleep. It was really cold the next morning (Thanksgiving Day).

The photo here was taken to show Wayne just how his new "bug-eye" sunglasses look.

When we arrived in Auburn on Thanksgiving morning -- before lunchtime -- the Fish Biodiversity Lab field was already filled! We found a space in which to sqeeze Big Evie near our usual spot and set up camp. The day was warm and sunny again.

Thanksgiving dinner of Publix Deli roast chicken was delicious!
Late Thursday evening, Cam and Amy arrived!

They slept on our "not-so-comfy" pull-out sofa.
Hey! Amy! Surprise

Gameday (Friday) warmed to the mid-60's. We enjoyed a campfire. Cam and Amy took a very long walk from the field to campus and back.

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