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Myakka: November and December 2016

From Maykka Motorcoach Resort, Port Charlotte, Florida 

In nearly seven years of full-time RV'ing Wayne and I had never committed to a five months stay in one location. We did this winter though -- November through March.  Ray and Cindy Fleishel recommend Myakka River Motorcoach Resort to us a few years ago. This would be our first visit. Wayne thinks we're staying too long but I feel pretty good about the decision as I am eager to relax for a good long while.

Pam and Ernie already had reserved their winter site for six months at Cypress Woods RV Resort in Fort Myers. Joyce and Charlie would make a last minute decision to stay at Seminole Campground in North Fort Myers. Wayne and I are about 40 minutes north.

Cathy walking Scooter who's just outside the picture.

Neighbors to our road side checked in just ahead of us, Tony and Cathy and their friend Larry.
They are from Louisville, Kentucky and travel together. We met them the first afternoon.

Cathy and Tony have a Maltese named Scooter. He bites. Larry is a widower and travels alone.

Our site is across the bridge in the photo below. We are between two of the three lakes.

That's our site just down the street. The sidewalk is perfect for walking Lexie and Ozzie. 
I liked MRMR immediately. It's restricted to motorhomes and has just 99 sites. The developer/owners live on site. I had read nice comments about the park, its owners and the community. Far enough from the crime and crowds of Fort Myers, Port Charlotte has everything we want for a winter visit, including plenty of shopping, a good assortment of restaurants, a nearby Publix and lots of golf.

Ralf and Amber (center) are the developers and owners of Myakka River Motorcoach Resort
 (This photo is from Myakka's Christmas party)
A casual "Meet N Greet" is held on the Sunset Balcony every Friday afternoon, during season, at Myakka. The balcony overlooks the large beautiful pool and deck and offers a fine view of the river and sunsets. During Meet N Greet, wine and German beer are served compliments of the German owner, Ralf and his wife Amber. There's always a little something to snack on too, but the best part is that almost everyone in the park attends, wears a name tag and has a good time. We rarely missed a Friday evening Meet N Greet. Here are some of my early pictures.

One of the first Friday Meet N Greet socials. The crowd is small and manageable now. By full season, the group spills over onto the pool deck below. In this picture I see Charlie, Sandy, Bonnie, Carlo and Bruce. Can't make out the others.

I see Amber and Ralf on the far left and there's Mallory (the Mayor) in the brown baseball cap on the right. Mallory's wife, Maryann in the bis bight blue shirt standing at the bar and Bonnie is sitting to her right.
Laurie is seated on the far right of the photo.

Left to right, Debbie, Sara, Cindy and Ray. We're watching the sunset.

The friendliest of the whole gang are Bruce and Sandy Moore
View of the pool deck, Myakka River and the sinking sun. Taken from the Sunset Patio.
The resort sites are around to the right.
The huge crowd won't arrive until after Christmas so there are lots of vacant spaces in the resort during November and December. It was easy to remember names when there weren't so many at one time. We made a point of trying to meet everyone.

Thanksgiving Dinner at Myakka 

Several social gatherings were scheduled during November, including a neighborhood progressive eating social that called for everyone to walk around the resort, meeting others and eating.

Thanksgiving Dinner was the first formal gathering in Myakka's clubhouse. Bruce took pictures and sent this one to me.

I'm glad he did because I didn't take a single photo.

Dinner was good.

First of many beautiful sunrises at Myakka. This one was taken the morning after Thanksgiving.
That's our coach with the awning shade extended.
Tony and Cathy are to the right and Larry is in the third coach.
The neighbors in this Prevost Featherlight drive a Bentley.
They stayed only a few nights on the property though the coach was here all season.  
There were hundreds of beautiful sunrises and sunsets during our months at Myakka. The weather was extremely dry and hot though. Our patio faced the south and was almost always really warm.


During this Friday Meet N Greet, I shared my hat with Laurie when she faced the sunset. 

Another time, I shared my hat with Princess Diana when the sunset was in her eyes. 

Another good view of our lake. 

It was good to see Ray and Cindy again.

We rarely see them and it's usually for short periods of time. This winter though, they were already at Myakka when we arrived and they remained another month after we left at the end of March.
Looking back at MRMR from the end of the pier.

Despite the leash regulation, I did let Ozzie and Lexie off leash this afternoon on the boardwalk to the river. 

Our resident alligators could pose a problem. Better safe than sorry, Wayne carries pups when they are nearby.

This is the biggest of our gator neighbors. He began taking liberties with the guests and had to be evicted. 

By the time Christmas rolled around, we knew almost everyone in the park. Our Christmas dinner and dance party was well attended. The food was good and so was the entertainment.

Left to right, Steve, Darlene. Carlo and Bonnie. Janice is in bright blue. 

As an "ice breaker" at the Christmas party every year, each table of eight people is required to sing, at the microphone, the Christmas carol of their choice. Someone at our table suggested "Jingle Bell Rock"... and we did! It was the first time I'd ever sung kareoke and I had great fun though it's hard to tell from this picture.

Jingle Bell Rock! Left to right, the singers are.... Larry, me, Howard, Laurie, Charlie, Diana and Cindy!
"Rock The Night Away!" 
There was no turning back after the Christmas carol ice breaker. Everyone took several turns singing and dancing broke out almost immediately.  I think I've found my talent. Well.... maybe not.

Cindy and I do some of our best steps in kareoke.
A tiny solo cup filled with American Honey helped. 

Cindy and I continue to prove our lack of singing ability with "You're So Vain"....

Howard sings his part of "Hit The Road Jack" as directed by his wife, Diana (in red).
Myakka also hosted a nice New Years party, complete with fireworks at midnight but we didn't attend. Ozzie got scared of the early party neighborhood firecrackers and we couldn't leave him.

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