Friday, December 21, 2012

My Final Analysis of Alliance Coach

In the end, our stay at Alliance Coach in Wildwood would be one complete month and end rather disastrously. The Thetford toilet part was never actually ordered, I found out during the fourth week when I finally spoke to Mike Hawkins, manager of the service department.  Seems our service advisor, an idiot named Will, closed out our service order on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and never re-opened another service order when we told him the toilet was not fixed.  Hawkins never told me the truth about the part, but I realized it later in the week. 

On our 28th day at Alliance, the black tank sensor was unattached from the tank and that is the remedy we're using. Disappointing but certainly workable.  The same day we learned our replacement faucet had arrived at Alliance over two weeks ago and was being held in the parts department -- again our service advisor failed to manage the process.  We had asked to have the coach washed (at $2 per foot), but that was never done either.

The new matching faucet was installed on Thursday afternoon and we did several checks for leaks before we replaced the towels in the cabinet and retired for the night.  The next morning we awoke to a flooded bathroom and water pouring from the underside of the coach.  Wayne mistakenly thought the outside dripping was due to overflow of the fresh water tank, which he decided to disinfect while we're here.  It was not.  The water was rushing out from the underside of the faucet, down the cabinet wall and into the lower section of the coach. 

Alliance service technicians arrived on the scene within minutes of my panicked call. The leak was repaired and we were advised that we should use our propane heat to dry the coach. Bummer.... Guess who pays for that propane.  Oh yeah.  Guess Alliance Coach doesn't have a fan -- we'll use ours.

Adding insult to injury, the service manager never contacted me to see that our repairs had been made. Furthermore, after Friday morning, not a single service technician ever came back to the coach to reconnect the furnace vent, the cabinet floor, to offer to pay for the heap of towel laundry I'd do that afternoon or to acknowledge our order to have the coach washed. Seems a complimentary wash would have been in order after that anyway, but it didn't happen.  We've truly fallen between the cracks.

On Saturday morning, we pulled the coach together ourselves and left Alliance Coach.  I did ask to have a service order opened for the probable damage to the floor as a result of the flooding in case it occurs after the new coach warranty period is over.

Where, I wondered, is the trouble with this order for service? Perhaps Wayne and I are not demanding enough though we're certainly learning that service is dead almost everywhere. If it were to do over, I'd be more demanding and stay in the face of those involved every step of the way.  Our service advisor, Will, is more likely the culprit as I've concluded his work is sloppy and interest in his customers is existent only when he is threatened.  Finally, my greatest disappointment is in the service manager, Mike Hawkins, to whom I went in frustration. He never made an attempt to check to see if we had received the service we'd waited so long to receive.

Did we complain further to management?  No we didn't and maybe we should have done that but in the end we were so exhausted we just wanted to leave. 

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