Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Few Days At Columbus, West Point Lake and Warm Springs, Georgia

Here's the our latest damage report. We've found a crack in our panoramic windshield. Seems this might not be uncommon as the huge one-piece glass front is under tremendous stress, especially during times of leveling the coach.  We don't know what caused ours or exactly when it happened but it is there and will eventually lead to windshield replacement.  ... So we placed a few telephone calls, left Auburn and made our way to Columbus, Georgia to have a glass shop take a look. 
We enjoyed our time at Chewacla State Park and met some nice folks. Our neighbors are from Rochester, New York but have been residents of LaGrange, Georgia for time.  In meeting Trisha and Keith we learned they have just begun their new life of full-timing in their Pace Arrow motorhome.  They're parked in the site beside us and that's a good thing as they (like Lynn and Jay) love to cook and shared a lovely Asian Pork dish with us.  Yum.
Didn't get Keith in the picture.
This is Trisha with Samantha and Rugger the pee-pee prone feline.
Chewacla State Park has been beautiful this fall with a huge great range of colors and good weather for the most part.  All we can do is hope that we have more of it in our new location.
Ready to pull out of our site at Chewacla
At the glass shop in Columbus we were told our cracked windshield replacement should be done by a large motorhome specialty repair facility.  Seems the crack is not dangerous at this point and the windshield is not likely to collapse, they say. There are several large dealers along our route into central Florida so we'll have it done later.  I'm a little apprehensive about getting a lap (and face) full of windshield, but I'll take their word for the safety factor.

From there we drove to West Point Lake beyond LaGrange, Georgia.  One of the Corp of Engineers Campgrounds there, Whitetail Ridge, proved to be worth the effort of getting there through the seedy side of LaGrange. We were assigned a site along the lake edge that provided plenty of privacy, a beautiful view and lots of walking space for Ozzie and Lexie.  The only bad thing about being here is that our satellite signal was not strong so tv reception is limited.  Turns out that's a problem for the coming Saturday as Auburn will play Georgia and we'll certainly want to watch the game. Hummmm.
Site #19 at Whitetail Ridge COE Campground.
Curbside opens up to a huge gravel picnic area and the lake edge.

Nice foliage and good walking conditions for Lexie (the blur) and Ozzie.
Our site is on a cul-de-sac with very little vehicle traffic.
Selecting the campground on West Point Lake, we didn't realize how close we'd be to Warm Springs Georgia and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House.  I had forgotten that FDR was stricken with polio in 1921. He felt the natural warm springs were helpful to his condition and in 1927 he founded the hospital for rehabilitation here.
Entry to FDR's Little White House at Warm Springs, Georgia
All except the Little White House property itself proved to be disappointing as it seemed run-down and virtually deserted.
This huge campus area appears well groomed in the photo but shows signs of neglect.

This concrete "head" of FDR is particularly ugly and the property is neglected as seen here.
It's just standing in an area between two streets and could be better presented for sure.

Today's weather was about as good as we could want and we enjoyed the ride to and back from Warm Springs. Lexie and Ozzie got to take several nice long walks through through the woods and around the entry building of the Little White House.  They were happy though, to get home and back into their windowsill perch.
A restful afternoon on the windowsill.

Wearing their new hooded sweatshirts.

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  1. It was great meeting & chatting with you guys. Hope all is well after the storms that came through yesterday (assuming you are still in the Auburn area for the upcoming games) Glad you enjoyed the Asian Pork (and thx for the chicken)! The other day I finally made a homemade lime tart - I am starting to warm up to this convection/microwave thing!