Friday, January 1, 2010

Wash, Wax and Rain

On Wednesday afternoon I decided this was a good time and place to wash the camper. With my $10 wash permit, I tackled the job with gusto while Wayne worked diligently to get reception on the satellite. My job was a big one as the camper was filthy. I got it done finally, but Wayne wasn't so fortunate with getting tv reception.

Thursday morning, with continued mild weather, I dug out the wax and proceeded to polish the front and rear caps. That job was another big one, but I got 'er done borrowing a ladder from Jerry Heston to reach the highest points.

During the early morning hours Friday, the rain moved in and saturated everything, making me glad I got the job complete. We made a run to the WalMart in Gainesville for RV Anti-Freeze. We'll have to winterize Evie again before we drop her off in Franklin Sunday night. The temperature is forcast to be 18 Sunday night -- 16 Monday night. Ugh.

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